Monday, March 1, 2021


When I received the plans for the boat, I didn't pay much attention to the sail. And when it was time to build the sail, I just sent the sail page to Sailrite and they made a kit for me. This sail has a sleeve for the mast, and a zipper in the sleeve. I didn't pay must attention to that... until I had already sewn the sail. Not a problem, I ordered the 10 foot zipper and installed it.

NOW the sail is finished, complete with battens and telltales. And of course, the sail needs a proper bag!

I moved Gdnuff out from under the patio so I could step the mast. The mast is 16', and looks really tall, but it is light and I had no trouble holding it upright and sliding into the mast partner and down to the step. The boom has all the hardware attached now, and I attached it to the mast. The wind was too high to add the sail today. 

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