Saturday, November 6, 2010

Texas 200 / Magnolia Beach

photograph by Tom Pamperin

Okay, I know, I haven't posted anything lately. Other projects have made it to the top of my "To Do List". But, I am back to working on the Paradox. My goal is to have it 3D by the end of November. We'll see.

But, there is something I have to share. Wooden Boat Magazine published an article on the Texas 200 that takes place on the Texas coast every June. Dale and I did not enter, but we drove to Magnolia Beach and met the boats as they all made it to the finish. We took iDuck, the PDRacer (with the yellow sail) that I built last spring, and sailed it in the bay. Today, we learned that iDuck, Dale and I are all in the two page picture above the article. Wow. I had heard there was a PDRacer in the picture, but never dreamed it was MINE!