Monday, June 24, 2019

State Rd 4a

Once upon a time, it was not an easy trip to Key West. Henry Flagler had a vision of building a railroad extension from the mainland to Key West. In 1912, Henry Flagler saw his dream become a reality. The train ran daily until the hurricane of 1935 tore up a lot of the track. There wasn't money to rebuild, so the right of way was sold to the state, and US 1 travels that route now.

3.59 miles to the end of the road.

But, before there was a US1 Highway, there was State Road 4a. It was in service from 1928 to 1938. A lot of State Rd 4a is still in used, but there are sections in the Lower Keys that are not. This last Sunday, I took my bike and explored one of those abandoned sections. Most of it is just a trail, but there is still asphalt all along the path. And I found a few interesting things.  

The beginning of my afternoon adventure.

This boat looks like it has seen a few drug runs... or something defiantly illegal. All of the windows are covered, and the whole boat painted green. I wanted to get a closer look, but not able to safely get close enough to see inside. The mangroves have closed off any way in or out for that boat, so it makes me wonder... how long, and why it made it's way there.

Here was another puzzle. An old bench, under an old tree, in the middle of nowhere. 

This is the end of the road, at the edge of the water, where a bridge used to carry cars to Geiger Key. 

It was a wonderful afternoon, exploring a rarely traveled road.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Didn't know there was such a thing, until my neighbor brought me a bag of them. The meat is the texture of a grape, but the skin is hard and rough. It's not really sweet, but they are good.

After devouring them, I had all these seeds. Like I always do, I look online to learn more about them. The tree can be grown from seed. So I did. I planted 5 seeds ten days ago. Two have sprouted. They only grow in Hardiness Zone 10 and 11. I live in Zone 10.

The meat slides right off the seed.

I put them in water for about a week until the skin split.

The little tree is fragile.
It will be kept in a protected area.