Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I have a small collection of old coins, or coins from other countries. I run across them in various places. Today, I found a penny that is 100 years old. Just think of all the pockets that penny has traveled in, and how many things that penny has purchased. In the year 1919, an abundance of pennies were minted... so they are not really rare, but this is the first one I have found.

These are my two Buffalo Nickels. The date is legible on one, 1927. But it has completely worn off the other coin.

I have coins from Australia, Arabia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Switzerland and Turkey.

What I would really like to find is a chest full of gold and silver coins from a sunken ship! Wouldn't that be fun!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


About a month ago, I was watering my plants and noticed my pineapple plants looked funny. I looked closer and could see the start of a little pineapple in both my plants. This is strange because I just planted the tops last July! When I harvested those tops, the plant was two years old. These plants are only 7 months old. I must have a green thumb.