Saturday, September 9, 2017


Bert and I got to moving early this morning. We ran over to Bert's home, grabbed her cats and brought them to the hotel. It is breezy but not raining yet.

When we arrived at the hotel, Bert enlisted a store customer and well-known local, to help haul the cats and their paraphernalia to the room. Upon leaving, he said he was bringing food and will see if they could use the kitchen. If not.... he has duct tape! He is quite a force to deal with. I'm sure he can make it happen.

Looking in Bert's refrigerator one more time before our exit, we see ginger beer. She looks at me and says, "you brought the rum...". We can make our own Dark and Stormy drinks tonight! Yes Amy, I grabbed your rum. It will be put to good use!

I don't know how long we will have power. There is a generator out back, but not hooked up yet. We will see how that all plays out! I am feeling confident that we chose the right hotel, and we will be okay during the storm. The aftermath is the real bummer, and we have to do the cleanup if we stay or if we go. If we stay, at least we can get that started sooner.

Friday, September 8, 2017


I had never heard of this drink... but it seemed fitting to have one ... or three, on the eve of hurricane IRMA.

While sitting having our cocktail, a customer of the store stopped at our table and thanked us for staying open today. It feels good to be appreciated for what you do at work. As they left, he put money on the table and said the next round it on me. THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO. We helped out a lot of our neighbors this week, getting them the products they need.

And we had another round!!!!!

IRMA - FRIDAY 9/8/17

We kept the hardware store open until noon today. There were nine of us that stayed until the end, helping our neighbors get things they needed to secure their homes and get them through the electrical outage that will follow. Our customers were very thankful that we were there for them. It was a good feeling to know we made a difference to a lot of people.

What flew off the shelves? Generators, gas cans, sandbags, wing nuts, wing nut drivers, batteries, flash lights, peel & seal, plywood.... and the list goes on. 

After we left the store, Bert (co-worker) and I had our ice cream topped with Bailey's to start our hurricane party. It was very good!

We got settled into our room at the hotel, and finally sat and rested after several days of working and then going home and stowing belongings. We both are getting lots of texts and well wishes... okay, it's more like "why the hell didn't you leave" texts. I want to just turn off my phone and not turn on the TV until tomorrow. I know you guys mean well.

Okay, I am off to explore the hotel. I have never been here before, and I'm going to the top for the view. Later!

Thursday, September 7, 2017


In years past, I have sat in the safety of my living, and watched the news reports of rescues after a hurricane. My thoughts were always, "Idiots, why didn't they leave!" I get it now. But,I am surrounded by people that have lived here for years and been through hurricane after hurricane here. I am prepared for the storm, and know how to get by after it passes. It's not that I want to "protect my stuff", I don't really have anything that I can't live without.

I feel I, and many of my friends, are being harassed for staying. They are begging us to leave. STOP IT!  We know you care for our safety, we have made the decision to stay. So, just sit back and enjoy/or gasp at the reports that we will get to you after the storm has passed. Who know, it might turn north sooner than expected and there won't be much to report.

I will climb down off my soapbox now, and get back to work. Yes, I will work as long as our doors are open. We are a hardware store, and provide much needed supplies to our neighbors. We are open after THE OTHER big box hardware store has locked their doors.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This morning, I pulled onto the street, looked up and saw a rainbow. It was beautiful. I made the turn to pull into work, looked up and saw a double rainbow. For some reason, I felt it was put there just for me, maybe as a sign. Strange all the things that go through your head when you are in this type of situation.

I get to my desk and turn on Pandora. The first song to play... Praise You in This Storm.
 So many of you have sent messages to leave. It feels good that so many people care about my well being, but I will be okay. The kids are leaving today, so I don't have to worry about them.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

IRMA- The Countdown Begins

I've given it a lot of thought, lost sleep over thinking about it. I decided to stay. A coworker and I don't want to stay in our homes, because they will probably be flooded. And I'm not sure if my home will hold up through this storm. So, we made reservations at the La Concha Hotel in downtown Key West. I believe it to be a strong building, and it is about the highest spot on the island. I made this decision for many reasons. And yes, it could be a while before our utilities are working again. I look at it like this... how would I prepare for a week long trip in my boat on the Texas coast? Okay, that puts into perspective. Now I know how to prepare for the aftermath. That my sound silly and confusing to a lot of you, but my Texas 200 friends know what I'm talking about.

Now that I have a plan, maybe I can get some sleep tonight.

Monday, September 4, 2017


It's Monday, the experts are still not sure where hurricane Irma will land. But it's looking like the Keys will get hit. If not the full force, a really bad storm.

I work in a hardware store in Key West, FL. We were out of generators by 11 am. By the late afternoon, we were out of 5 gallon gas cans, sandbags, wing nut drivers, and many more items. It was almost 9 years to the day when hurricane Ike hit the Houston area. I lived in Northwest Houston at the time. Ike was 1 mph shy of a Cat 3. This is the only reference I have for hurricanes. Irma will probably be worse.

Okay, the question is... do I go, or do I stay? I will continue to watch the path she is taking. Until then, I am gathering things I don't want to sit in standing water, moving them to my high shelf. My boat is going under the house. Furniture is going upstairs and outside stuff is going in my downstairs room. At least my boat is on a trailer and not in the water. I'm tired just thinking about it. I think I will put a movie on to get my mind off of all this for a while. After all, tomorrow is another day!