Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Since I have lived near the coast, I have endured two hurricanes; Ike (2008) and Irma (2017). I now see that there is a storm named Isaac in the Atlantic. 

The prediction for Isaac is that it will continue it's westward track. My concern is that Isaac reaches the Yucatan Peninsula and turns northeast, and heads for Key West, FL. That is exactly what Hurricane Wilma did in 2005.

I am seeing a pattern here.... the two hurricanes I have met both started with the letter "I". And now Isaac is out there. Hummm....

Monday, September 10, 2018


It was one year ago today that Hurricane Irma devastated The Keys. We are still cleaning and fixing up in some areas.

Gordon was our first named storm of this season. However, he was east of Key West and we didn't get a drop. A breeze is all he sent us.

Florence is looking like it will miss Florida, but hit the Carolinas. 

There are two more storms in the Atlantic that have gained strength and became hurricanes... Isaac and Helene. We will keep an eye on them.

I can remember back when a hurricane was the furthest thing from my mind. That was something that other people experienced. In the past ten years, I've lived through two. I would prefer to not make it "three".

Saturday, September 1, 2018



Looks like Florence is up and running in the Atlantic. Too far away to know where she's heading or if she turns into anything, but we will be watching. It's almost been a year since Irma, and still fresh in our minds. Some people have not finished fixing their home from Irma damage.

My hurricane plans are the same as last year. My "hurricane buddy" and I will ride it out the same as last time. That was a good plan, so why change. I live in a different place this season, but it did well through Irma, so I'm not concerned. 

This weekend I will stock up on batteries, drinking water, canned foods.... and rum. All the essentials for weathering out a storm. Check back often and we will navigate the hurricane season together.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


I wear a radio with an earpiece at my work. I answer the phone and sometimes I just can't understand the caller. I have blamed the phone (because it does have a buzz, or sometimes I hear myself about a 1/2 second after I speak), but I wondered if maybe my hearing is the problem. So, today I thought I would move the earpiece from my right ear to my left ear, so I can use my right ear for the phone.

The next time someone spoke on the radio, it was the strangest thing. It sounded the same... but different. That got me to wondering if both ears hear the same. I did what I always do, go to Google. Here is what I learned:

The left hemisphere of the brain dominates over the right in processing different sounds. Specifically, the left hemisphere dominates in processing rapidly changing sounds such as in speech, and the right hemisphere dominates in processing prolonged tones such as in music.

I just couldn't get used to the change, so I went back to my earpiece in the right ear. But, I learned something today! 

Sunday, July 1, 2018


KEY WEST.... vacation destination... paradise. However, if you are a single white female local... it's a small pond, with not many desirable single white males. Years ago, a close friend told me, "the only good ones are either married or gay". I think she was right.

As some of you know, I am one of those single white females. And I admit, that I have succumbed to the allure of the dating sites. Their promise of finding me my perfect match and soulmate, have failed me in Key West, FL. I have met a handful of guys. After a first glance, I have wanted to turn tail and run... but they saw me first, so I felt I couldn't. 

There was "no teeth" guy, "crazy hair" guy, "very large nose" guy, "passing through town" guy, "ex-wife obsession" guy, and finally... the supposedly straight guy that knew intimate details about past and present Key West events about gay bars, hotels and people.  I should have run on that one... I did see him first, but thought... he can't be that bad. I should have listen to my gaydar. It's usually right.

So, here I am, another weekend without company. I'm not sad or lonely, but occasionally I would enjoy the company of someone of the male species.... have a balanced life. I'm a little off balance.

Okay, my glass is empty and I'm tired of thinking. Let's see what's on Netflix. Ahhh, how 'bout another episode of Dexter.... press play!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I want to introduce you to George. He greets me at the door everyday when I come home to my new apartment. How do I know he is a boy? I saw him with his lady friend.

My new place is great. The only drawback, it is furnished. I had to sell or giveaway all my furniture. The three things I did sell, I got pennies on the dollar, but my new place was worth giving up things. The table I was so proud of, was donated to a new pastor who arrived in Key West with nothing. I was glad to give it to someone that was in need.

Today, as I was riding to work, I noticed a little box in front of a house, just full of books. This is so awesome. I haven't done much reading lately, but I think that that is about to change.

Well, I'm going to curl up with my new adventure....Private: #1 Suspect.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


With social media, we have all become stalkers. It's true. But, we don't usually let the stalker see the whole picture, we just let them see what we want them to see. We post selfies of us laughing and having fun. We edit our life. We want everyone to see only the up-side, how we are happy and doing well, not the dark sad side of our life.

Truth is, we never really know what is going on in someone's life. We have become so self absorbed, that we don't really see others, just ourself. When you have a conversation with someone, what is the subject? I find that most people just want to talk about themselves. I'm a good listener, so I've been told.

We all need human interaction. Today, I took the kayak out for a couple hours. As I was coming back to shore, there was a woman and her dog waiting for me at the bank. We talked for a few minutes about kayaking and how much fun it is to get out on the water. She will never know what those few minutes of conversation meant to me.

My point is, you never know what someone is going through. Take the time to listen to your friends. Be a friend to them. It could save their life.