Sunday, July 1, 2018


KEY WEST.... vacation destination... paradise. However, if you are a single white female local... it's a small pond, with not many desirable single white males. Years ago, a close friend told me, "the only good ones are either married or gay". I think she was right.

As some of you know, I am one of those single white females. And I admit, that I have succumbed to the allure of the dating sites. Their promise of finding me my perfect match and soulmate, have failed me in Key West, FL. I have met a handful of guys. After a first glance, I have wanted to turn tail and run... but they saw me first, so I felt I couldn't. 

There was "no teeth" guy, "crazy hair" guy, "very large nose" guy, "passing through town" guy, "ex-wife obsession" guy, and finally... the supposedly straight guy that knew intimate details about past and present Key West events about gay bars, hotels and people.  I should have run on that one... I did see him first, but thought... he can't be that bad. I should have listen to my gaydar. It's usually right.

So, here I am, another weekend without company. I'm not sad or lonely, but occasionally I would enjoy the company of someone of the male species.... have a balanced life. I'm a little off balance.

Okay, my glass is empty and I'm tired of thinking. Let's see what's on Netflix. Ahhh, how 'bout another episode of Dexter.... press play!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I want to introduce you to George. He greets me at the door everyday when I come home to my new apartment. How do I know he is a boy? I saw him with his lady friend.

My new place is great. The only drawback, it is furnished. I had to sell or giveaway all my furniture. The three things I did sell, I got pennies on the dollar, but my new place was worth giving up things. The table I was so proud of, was donated to a new pastor who arrived in Key West with nothing. I was glad to give it to someone that was in need.

Today, as I was riding to work, I noticed a little box in front of a house, just full of books. This is so awesome. I haven't done much reading lately, but I think that that is about to change.

Well, I'm going to curl up with my new adventure....Private: #1 Suspect.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


With social media, we have all become stalkers. It's true. But, we don't usually let the stalker see the whole picture, we just let them see what we want them to see. We post selfies of us laughing and having fun. We edit our life. We want everyone to see only the up-side, how we are happy and doing well, not the dark sad side of our life.

Truth is, we never really know what is going on in someone's life. We have become so self absorbed, that we don't really see others, just ourself. When you have a conversation with someone, what is the subject? I find that most people just want to talk about themselves. I'm a good listener, so I've been told.

We all need human interaction. Today, I took the kayak out for a couple hours. As I was coming back to shore, there was a woman and her dog waiting for me at the bank. We talked for a few minutes about kayaking and how much fun it is to get out on the water. She will never know what those few minutes of conversation meant to me.

My point is, you never know what someone is going through. Take the time to listen to your friends. Be a friend to them. It could save their life.

Monday, April 30, 2018


Over the last many years, I have been on several dating websites. When you sign up, you have to fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions is about your body type. Your choices are: 

~Prefer Not To Say
~A Few Extra Pounds
~Big and Tall/BBW

Apparently, guys define "Athletic" differently than I. So, I did research to get the true definition of an athletic body. This is what I found.
An athletic build is defined as "toned", "fit", "not beefy", "not overly muscular", "not bulky" and so on. A man with an athletic build still has a considerable muscle mass but his muscles are not noticeable unless he takes his shirt off.
Okay guys, "athletic" does not mean you are strong, or that you can put in a 15 hour work day. It is all about looks. Maybe it's that these guys are looking through rose-colored glasses when they look in the mirror?!

For all you single guys on dating sites, if you want your first meeting to go well, think before you click "Athletic". Just a little friendly advice.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


The other day I ventured out to Geiger Key Beach. The road ends at the east end of the beach, but you can walk on down the beach. If you go past the pole with the word "NUDE" written with a sharpie, don't be surprised if you see a lot of skin and not much clothing. On this particular afternoon, I came across several Queen Conchs. They were all about the same size, and beached on the rocks with the out going tide. This was the first time I had seen shells with critters still living in them.

Today, I took the kayak out. There were horseshoe crabs everywhere. Most were committing fornication... it's that time again.

When going through the mangroves, you never know what you will find. 

Like this, for example.

It has obviously been here for a long time. It sits in the middle of a little clearing.

The water is so much fun. A new adventure every time I go out. Life is good.

Friday, April 20, 2018


Once again, I must relocate. Rental property under $2000 a month is hard to find in Key West.  I had three demands in my search: Must have closet, an indoor shower and a kitchen sink.

I've never thought much about closet space, until I didn't have one. That's where you hide all your crap!

Before I moved to Key West, I thought ALL showers were indoors. Not so. In more tropical settings, they are frequently outside.

It is not easy washing a ten inch skillet in a bathroom sink. I find that I would cook more if the clean up was easier.

The properties I looked at, were either too small, not fit to live in, or I was too late. But, I did find the perfect place for a good price. And the best part.... I can park my boat there!

My new place has THREE CLOSETS, a full kitchen, and an indoor shower. It doesn't get any better than that!

All of you with a truck... I'll let you know when to mark your calendar for the moving party.   :-)

Sunday, February 18, 2018


About 4 years ago, I decided I wanted to try and grow a pineapple plant. I was told they grow well here in Key West. I bought a pineapple at the store, cut the top off, prepared it and stuck in some water. Roots formed after a few weeks and I stuck it in dirt. That one was growing so well, I planted another one. When I moved to Texas, I left them both with my daughter. They were set next to the fence, and they fended for themselves. When I returned to Key West this past summer, they had grown a lot and looked very healthy. 

I had read, and heard from people that had pineapple plants, don't expect fruit for about 5 or 6 years. Last weekend, when I was watering them, I saw that one is bearing fruit this year. It is growing very fast.

UPDATE..... JULY 9,2018

My first little pineapple is ready to harvest. And it was delicious! Oh so sweet. Nothing like ones you get in the grocery store that have been picked green.