Monday, August 25, 2014


After I published my last post, I received a message from Sean Mulligan. Sean bought my Paradox, SCOUT, and has been taking her on adventures and making memories. Sean was asked to make a presentation during the upcoming Sail Oklahoma. This is an annual boat festival hosted by Mike & Jackie Monies at their BOAT PALACE on Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. This event is held each October, and attended primarily by boat builders, and has been described as a messabout on steroids.

The first event was held in 2010 and was a big success. It has grown every year, and about 100 boats are expected this year. Sean will be taking SCOUT.  As he said, he knows how to sail her, but doesn't know anything about the building of her, so he has asked if I would take part in this presentation. I have wanted to attend Sail Oklahoma, but never had the time or finances to do so… until this year. My flight has been booked, and all arrangements have been made. While thinking about my presentation, I realized I was fuzzy on details. I looked back at the past posts, but still needed more information in some areas. I contacted Sean and asked if I might have copies of the plans, this would help me. I sent the EVERYTHING to Sean when he purchased her. He offered to send me the whole notebook I had used during the build. I was touched. I received it today! 

When I pulled it out of the box, I was flooded with memories of the endless hours I spent in the garage making sawdust, spreading epoxy, planing, painting……. and it still has the faint odor of sawdust.  And yes, the envelope of receipts are still there. Will I pull them out and add them up? Probably not.

Sail Oklahoma is scheduled for October 9 - 13, 2014. I encourage you to come and join in the fun. There will be lectures, demonstrations, sailing and lots of sea stories told. I'm looking forward to seeing SCOUT, but I also want to see a Mayfly 14. That will be my next build… if I do build again.

Below is a schedule of events, please try and attend. I would love to meet you all, come by and introduce yourself.

For more information, contact Jackie:



Thursday, October 9              
7-9 Continental Breakfast and Coffee
8-5 Private class/ John Welsford “Epoxy and Fiberglass”  Coffee breaks and lunch included $150

8-4 Private classes/ Richard Woods “By Appointment”  analysis and instruction  $50 per hour

8-5  Family Boat Building/ Dave Gentry “Building Kiddyak Skin on Frame  $350 kit/material

8-5  Registration  at Boat Palace  (No charge)  Includes classes above if space available

Sandwiches and snacks available  For Lunch

4-6 Richard Woods/  Multihull Program /  Video and Slides / Tent  Boat Palace / Free Class
8-5  Independent sailing or Group sails at Beach Launch Area

6-7:30  John Welsford/ “Care and Sharpening of Tools”  Boat Palace/ Free Class

7:30-10:00  Group Buffet at City Wok, Main Street, Eufaula  All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet-
                  General Discussion and  Visiting/  Meet and Greet

 Friday, October 10, 2014

7-9  Breakfast Continental and Hot Breakfast Choice/   Boat Palace

8 :00 a.m. Dave Gentry “Family Boatbuilding Skin on Frame Kidyak” Continues / Observation Free

8-10 Michael Storer/ “How To Increase Performance Without Sacrificing Economy / Free Class

10:30  Cruise Across Lake/ Five Mile Cross Lake Eufaula/ Belle Starr Park and Back

Lunch / Sack Picnic Lunch Available in Boat Palace

3-5  Doug Snider  “Heavy Weather Sailing”  Beach Launch Area/  Free Class

5:30 “Ask the Designers”  Panel Forum/ Welsford,  Michalak,  Storer, Gentry , Woods/  Boat Palace/ Free

7 :00  Dinner / Benefit for  VFW Auxiliary- Cooked and Served by Women’s Auxiliary / Boat Palace

8:00   Bob and Virgene Trygg  “Building Our 32 Foot Tahitian  Ketch and Sailing to Keys” / Boat Palace/  Free Class

9:30  Shawn Payment/ Michael Storer  “The Canoe Trip of Doom”  Building canoes and paddling Loire River, France / Boat Palace/  Free Program

Saturday, October 11

7-9  Breakfast/ Continental  or Hot Breakfast Choice/  Boat Palace

9-11   Jim Michalak / “Design Your Own Boat” / Boat Palace/  Free Program

11-12  Richard Woods/  Program  Beach Launch Area/  Free Class

12:00  Noon  Sack Picnic Lunch Sandwiches   Beach Launch Area

1-5  End Cancer Duck Races and Other Races /  Beach Launch Area / Free

6:00  Tom Pamperin  “Jagular”  Reading and Leads Panel on Writing For Publication with Other 
     Authors / Boat Palace /  Free Program

7:30  Dinner / Fried Chicken and Southern Eats /  Boat Palace

8:00  Boat Show Awards and Racing Awards

8:30  Captain Ledge Band Concert and  Kelly McGuire- Redfish Records

Sunday, October 12

7-9  Breakfast / Boat Palace Continental  or Hot  Breakfast Choice

9-11  Sean Mulligan / “Paradox by Matt Layden” and Sail Havasu Presentation/  Free Program

11:00  Pirate Poker and Naval Battle / Beach Front/  Boats 12 Feet and Under/  Free

Lunch  Sandwiches and Snacks Available at Beach

12:30-2:00  Recovery and Flotation Seminar / Richard Woods, Dave Gentry, Jim Michalak, John  Welsford,  Michael Storer/  Free Program

2 :00  Marshmallow Scooping and Bombardment/  Beach Front/  Boats 12 feet and Under/ Free

3:30  Free Sail Time or Improvise Programs

7  Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant /  Highway 9, I mile east of Boat Palace /  Sail or Motor/ 
     Drive  / Menu 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


For over a year, I was able to push back those thoughts of losing s/v TARDIS, my baby. When I saw an email in my inbox from a Paradox or boat building forum, I usually just deleted, did not read. I was in denial, 'just don't think about it' was my attitude. One day the door to the room that held all those feelings of the two years I spent in the garage and driveway building my dream boat, flung wide open and I could not get it closed and locked again. I grieved. To replace TARDIS, I have adopted another boat... Chuck's boat; m/v Jeannie II.

Jeannie II is a 29' fishing boat, and she is Chuck's pride and joy. Chuck wanted a tower on her, but when she's parked on her trailer, she sits right under power lines. The solution; design a fold-down tower. So, he did.

When asked to describe Jeannie II, Chuck told me this:
She has a volvo penta D-6 350 diesel engine with a duroprop outdrive. The engine produces 350 hp and will top out in the 40 knot range, 50 if I am bleeding.
I am adding a foldable tower. The hull is a Mirage hull, manufactured in Gainesville, FL. She is a fish killing machine and has a very large bow flare. If you take a wave over this bow, you should not be out there.
I have added a 9,000 BTU AC unit which uses a 20,000 watt inverter with a battery bank rather than a generator so there are no carbon monoxide fumes to worry about.
Not being familiar with power boats, fishing, or water in the Keys, I asked the question, "What is the purpose of having a tower?" The answer, "You can see the fish better." My next question, "You mean, you can see the fish? Just how far down can you see in the water?" Chuck's reply, "About one hundred feet." I had no idea. I was used to the waters of Galveston Bay, where you might be able to see 12 inches.

View from starboard, the tower folded forward.

View from port side, with tower in place.

It sounds like a big tractor!

Jeannie II needed a few modifications and repairs before she hits the water again. She has a cabin that sleeps six, but was in need of a few changes for a comfortable weekend on the water. First, an A/C unit was installed. The small sink was removed, and the A/C unit installed in it's place. This will make those hot weekends very nice.

The cabin door did not have a good seal, therefore, it leaked. Chuck installed a new door with a window. This door is wider and can be locked.

She has two 150 gallon fresh water tanks. Plenty of water for a weekend, or a week even. The shower below was removed, but there is a hose on deck for a quick rinse.

Jeannie II now is adorned with 34 rod holders. I'm sure many of you just gasped and thought, "34"!!! Before I started fishing with Chuck, I would have done the same. But, you use different setups for different fish. I'm sure at times, they will all be filled. As Chuck tells people all the time, "I brought home the tackle shop one piece at a time." And I believe he did.

After a couple years of living on her trailer in the front yard, on July 24, 2014, Jeannie II felt the cool salt water against her hull once again as she slid free of her trailer. It was long over-due, and Chuck is a very happy man. There are still a few more things that need to be done: re-cover the chair cushions and make cushions for the berths down below. This is my job.

Tied to the dock in the canal, she eagerly awaited a long over-due romp out the channel and in the Atlantic. And she got that chance for Lobster Mini-Season, which was July 30-31. I took those days off from work, and we went hunting lobster.

Last Christmas, my brother gave me a GoPro and I made good use of it during our snorkeling & diving. Here is a video of one of the stops we made. I LOVE LIVING IN KEY WEST!!!!


If the only short cut to your house, involves a boat… 
you're in Conch Country.