Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Stem is cut. Transom is cut and the framing cut and glued in place. The transom doesn't extend all the way to the gunwale, in order to accommodate a short shaft motor. At some point I will want to hang a motor off the back.

The bulkheads on either end of the cockpit are almost finished. Glue a couple seat supports in place and they will be ready to go 3D.

The seats are very low. I am hoping this is comfortable. My grandkids will love it... it's just their size!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I know I have been slow to post, it just hasn't seemed like there is anything to talk about. I was slowed down this week by nose bleeds. Went to the ENT doctor. He could not see where my nose was bleeding, and could not see any reason it was bleeding. I guess I'm a fast healer... but it had been 4 days since my last nose bleed. Maybe I'm over it now.

The bulkheads have been framed and two coats of epoxy on one side. The sides are cut out, marked for bulkhead and seat placement. I'm coating with epoxy while they are flat, much easier, no runs.

I have already started thinking about the paint job. For some reason, I am adamant about having a yellow poly sail. I had one on my Duck, and I really want one for this boat too. When you look out on the water and see sails gliding by, they start to all look the same. One is not much different from the next, thus not immediately identifiable. I want my boat to stand out, and not look like every other boat. When you see mine, you will know in an instant who she belongs to. For instance, most will recognize this, and many others, because of their paint design or colors, not the make of the boat. We all know GIR!

photo by Chuck Lienweber
photo by Stan Roberts

I'm looking at paint samples, and leaning toward a burnt orange for the hull, white for the cockpit, with a yellow sail. What do you think?