Friday, July 30, 2010

My Boat Building Journey

I started building things from wood about 20 years ago; shelves, bookcase, towel racks. I love to create things with my hands. In 2007, Dale and I moved to Houston from the desert (Midland, TX). We met a guy with an Irwin 41 sailboat, and started sailing with him. We enjoyed being on the water, and then in 2009 I decided I wanted to build a boat. Wanting to start off small, I decided my first boat would be a PDRacer ( Yeah, it's small, but it is a lot of fun!

After looking at a lot of plans and reading about the different boats, I decided my next boat would be a Matt Layden design, Paradox. With plans and build manual in hand, I bought the plywood and started cutting. The bulkheads, transom, rudder and rudder blade are cut out. The mast, boom and yard will be next. I should have the solid lumber by this weekend, and get to work.

I am hoping to have this boat completed by June 2011. That might be unrealistic, but I need a deadline. My progress will be posted here for anyone interested to follow.