Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I finally got me and all my stuff back in Key West. It wasn't easy. I drove a total of 3816 miles: hauled all my stuff in a rental truck, flew back to Houston, took my Explorer and boat to Lubbock, TX to visit family, welcomed the new grandson into the family, then headed back to Key West. I'm plum wore out!

Now I have the challenge of efficiently stuffing my things into a smaller space. I will eventually figure it out. But Sunday... I rested, enjoyed the company of family and had an exceptional meal by my son-in-law. Life is good!

Started my new/old job on Monday. Today was Day 3. The lady that took my place at the hardware store, moved at the same time I was looking for employment. Funny how things work out.  

Sunday, June 11, 2017


IDRIS here again.
There are a lot of people that like to admire me. Yesterday, I had visitors that asked about the numbers on my side. They asked what the "RC" stood for.  I believe it means "Really Cute". 

Yoshi is my little friend that stays with me. He is pretty quiet, but once he's warmed up, he's a real motor-mouth.  He follows me everywhere.

I will try to post a couple times a week. Subscribe so you won't miss anything.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


After many debates, and out right begging, Lezlie finally gave in and let me have a voice. Let me introduce myself: my name is Idris. I am 14 months old, born in Key West, FL. Lezlie drug me to Kemah, Tx right after I was born, but not before I felt the clear blue waters of Florida. I went out on Galveston Bay, but I longed for my birth place...home.

Several weeks ago, I shed that ugly blue tarp and was given a cover made of Sunbrella. The blue tarp leaked and my cockpit would have to be bailed out after every rain.

It made me feel neglected and unappreciated. But now, I have a cover of Sunbrella. I feel so pretty.

A few weeks ago, I received news that I was going HOME! Dreams do come true. It is a long road to my new home though. I am traveling to see family members for the first time. these are exciting times. I heard there is a new family member due to arrive any day now. I can't wait to see him.