Thursday, January 10, 2013


If you are new here, I will catch you up with what's going on in my life.  I was invited to go sailing with a friend I met at Waterford Harbor Marina, where I live. This is an opportunity of a life time. I've spent the last several days getting settled aboard s/v Kairos. My Jeep was sold, and I have my three boats for sale. The work on s/v Kairos is complete, and we will pull away from the dock Friday morning.

In the six years I've lived in this area, I've made many friends, and will miss them all. When possible, I will check my email, upload a post, and Skype with my family. Feel free to send emails or comment on my post.  I love to hear from you guys. This is not goodbye, it's an invitation to embark on this adventure with me through my blog. So, let me introduce the crew....

Captain Bill Carmichael

Forty five years ago I was a teenager, fresh off the farm, when my dad gave me a book called "The Royal Road to Romance" by Richard Halliburton. It was a witty and entertaining travel log of a young man who decided to make his way through Europe and ultimately India in a manner that was, for the time, highly unusual. It was the early 1950's and no one, in those days, backpacked. As for me, I had seen little beyond the cornfields of Indiana and Northern Ohio but through the words of the author I traveled and experienced the romance of the open road. It set a vision in me and now I am about to set sail to follow those dreams of traveling the open sea to far away places. Places that were once just names on a globe will become real. So I've literally been dreaming of this for forty years and anyone who knows me has heard me talk about doing this. I don't think anyone is surprised, except maybe me.


Mako Crosby worked as a production audio engineer in Hollywood for over six years before joining the crew of Kairos. His background in audio and filmmaking makes him a valiable asset as radio officer and documentarian for the voyage. Traversing the Sierra Nevadas and the mountain ranges and deserts surrounding Los Angeles has fueled his sense of adventure and exploration. Equipped with years of experience and HD video gear, Mako will be documenting the adventure.


It has come to our attention, that I don't look very pirate-like. Bill and Mako have it down. Do I need a tattoo? wear a do-rag? an eyepatch? Readers... what do you think?

Bookmark my blog, become a follower and we will take you along on our adventure.  Who knows what is waiting out there for us!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Much Interest in TARDIS

Yesterday, I was standing on the dock, watching work being done to the sail of s/v Kairos, when my phone rang. I looked to see who was calling me, and below the number were the words "United Kingdom". I stared at it for a few seconds, confused. Never have I ever had those words on my phone.

It seems that there are a few across the pond, interested in buying TARDIS. The cost to ship a container overseas, is quite expensive though.

Today, I realized there are discussions on several forums, about the sale of TARDIS. She is still available, waiting on her trailer for someone to give her a good home.

Meanwhile, I am here on Kairos. We are waiting for all the contractors to finish their work, so we can take off. Hopefully, that will happen in a couple of days. We have spent our evenings planning routes, playing cards, telling tales, enjoying adult beverages... life is good.  We are having fun, even here at the marina...

"Deal me in and pass that bottle..."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

s/v Kairos

Kairos A Greek word that roughly translated means: 

The brief moment in time when God places your destiny 
before you, and if you seize it with force, the gates
 of heaven will be opened to the dreams of your heart.

Kairos is a superbly crafted sailing vessel designed by Robert Perry who is widely acknowledged as one of the world's most talented marine architects. The Tayana is the culmination of Perry's decades of experience and talent and caps a career of designing and building great blue water sailing craft. 

Tayanas are tanks. It's displacement is 36,000 pounds with 12,500 pounds of ballast in the keel and a mast that towers 70 feet above the waterline the vessel can power through the roughest seas. Kairos loves 30 knot winds.

For those souls who are destined to go to sea there can be no compromise in the choice of vessel. Our lives depend upon the strength and performance of the craft and we know that it is inevitable that we will face winds and waves that will make us pray. Our supplications, then, will be for our own strength to hold; the strength of the Tayana is proven. It is we who are the weak link in the tussle between ship and sea. It is often said that the vessle can take more than you.

 The galley is spacious and is fully equipped.

Salon to port. 

 The nav station. 

Salon to starboard.

Kairos is a very comfortable vessel, has everything, and is beautiful. She will take us safely on our adventure. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Selling Things...

Okay, I sold my Jeep today.  I feel like I need to sell EVERYTHING.  Leaving possessions behind would be a burden to someone.  So, I have both boats for sale.  One serious buyer for TARDIS and three looker for The Flatulence.

As I said in my earlier post, I am sailing off on s/v Kairos in a few days.  Today, there were many workers that converged on Kairos to finish the work they had started several weeks ago.  They all understand that the work needs to be finished by the end of the week.  We plan to pull away from the dock and start our journey on Saturday.

Later today, Bill, Mako and I went to Randall's Grocery and provisioned our boat.  We will all share galley duty.  I will enjoy meals that I didn't have to cook.

Tonight, we watched the sailing instructional video of "Captain Ron".  I have seen this probably 15 times, and it is still funny.  If you haven't seen it, it is a must see!  Go rent it.

Tomorrow is going to be busy and I am tired and ready for bed.  Good night all...