Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Looking back on my life, it seems that I have nearly always lived with someone. Whether it was with my parent, my spouse, my child or a roommate. I have rarely lived alone. At present, I am living alone. It feels different to come home to an empty house, and not expecting someone to arrive later.

I know exactly what is in my refrigerator and pantry. No learning bathroom or laundry schedules.  Not responsible for someone else's laundry. No phone calls letting someone know your whereabouts if you deviate from your normal routine. No sticky note on the kitchen sink reminding everyone of kitchen etiquette. No tiptoeing around the house because someone is trying to nap between their two jobs.

But all this freedom comes at a price. There is no, "How was your day?" And I eat alone. I've been asked if I would ever marry again, and I seriously doubt that I would. My track record with relationships has not been the best. Yep, I need this time alone for me.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Okay, I pull up to an intersection in the left turn lane. The arrow is red, and then blinking yellow. WTF! I don't know what that means! I've never seen this before! I'm confused: can I go, do I wait for a green arrow? In confusion I wait, it turns green and I turn.

What do I do? Google it, of course. So, what else has changed since I left Texas?

Sunday, May 8, 2016


My time in Key West has come to an end. I returned to the Clear Lake area, and will once again work with Mike at Sorensen Canvas. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl!

I left with a lot more than I arrived with, but was able to fit it all in my Explorer and boat. It was a two day trip from Key West to League City. My son flew out to make the trip with me. He has never been to Key West, so we played tourist and he got the tour. 

When I left Texas three years ago, I gave a lot of my kitchen stuff to a very good friend of mine named Bobby. Every Wednesday, Bobby invited me over for his delicious fish tacos. These were fish he caught, usually redfish.

I haven't had communication with Bobby for nearly two years. Wondering what was going on in his life, I shot him an email. To my surprise, we are living in the same apartment complex. What a small world. While visiting with Bobby this afternoon, he asked what I need for my apartment. To be honest, I need almost everything. But now, thanks to Bobby, my kitchen is more complete.

While gathering stuff for my apartment, Bobby asked if I wanted the glass fish on the table. I gracefully declined. As we walked out the door, Bobby told his son to grab the fish because Lezlie really wants it. It now lives on my shelf.