Sunday, May 24, 2015


All of the snowbirds have gone back to their homes up north, and the Key West Community Sailing Club is like a ghost town. Since there were no strong abled bodies there, I had to recruit help from outside to turn the boat back right-side up. My boyfriend Chuck, and three of his friends came over to  do the deed.

The outside of the hull has been fiberglassed, and since I had plenty of fiberglass left, I fiberglassed the bottom of the cockpit and the storage compartments also.

Today I got most of the fillets done. I have read of many different ways to make pretty fillets that require very little sanding to make them smooth. I have tried several of them, but have not had the success that they claimed. Today, I couldn't find a jig that I had made (that really didn't work very well), and since I was doing the fillets in the storage compartment, I grabbed a piece of cardboard from the box of gloves that was on the bench. If they aren't pretty it doesn't matter because no one will ever see them after the deck is on. I was amazed at how they looked. They are almost perfect.