Monday, April 24, 2017


from watching Game of Thrones.

I just finished watching season six. I feel I've learned many life lessons through my journey with the Starks, Lannisters and all the other families in the Seven Kingdoms. Jimmy Kimmel said it best with this list:

  •  Don't ever follow a creepy child into the basement.
  • Holding the door for someone can get you killed.
  •  If a guy is shooting arrows at you, you should zig zag a little.
  •  It's important to feed your dogs on a regular schedule.
  •  Don't take off your necklace until you're definitely ready for bed.
  •  Women will eventually run everything.

I think my favorite character is Tyrion Lannister. 
Who is your favorite?

Sunday, April 9, 2017


... about being a cashier in a retail chain.

Seems that every retail store has a credit card. And they want all their customers to have their card. I'm sure it's a money maker. This means that the cashiers have to try to get "credits". In other words, the cashier is suppose to talk every customer into applying for the credit card. Once, my manager told me, "It's like not taking "no" from that girl that won't go out with you. You just keep on until they say yes."

Here are a few of the responses I have gotten when I ask if they would like to apply for a credit card:

  1. My husband would KILL me!
  2. Oh, that would be dangerous.
  3. I only use THIS card to get my miles.
  4. I only use THIS card because I get cash back.
  5. Not for 20% interest!
  6. I do not want anymore credit cards.
  7. I only pay cash.
  8. I want to "own" it when I walk out the store.
Some of my customer are a lot of fun, and then their are the others. For the most part, our customers are patient with us. But, you will get those people that are in a bad mood before they ever darken our doors. Last week, I did have an elderly lady get so mad at me that her lips started to quiver. It was hard not to laugh.