Sunday, June 28, 2015

UPDATE... It's been a while

I haven't posted anything in over a month, so I thought it was time I did an update.

The leeboard is shaped and ready to weight.

The seats are cut out and one side has two coats of epoxy. I want to install running lights. In order to ensure that the storage compartments stay dry, I am using PVC as a conduit for the wiring under the port seat.

Besides the beautifully clear water with it's colorful coral and fish, the thing I love about Key West is it's tropical plants. I have never seen so much beautiful foliage.

I had never seen a pineapple before it was harvested. I tried to start a pineapple plant last year, but the iguanas ate it. Iguanas are interesting to the tourist, but they are a pest, eating your ornamental plants.

The poinciana trees are blooming. Last year, my parents flew into Key West about this time of year. My mother asked me what all those red trees were. From above, you can see hundreds of red spots on our little island. Those are our poinciana trees.