Sunday, August 30, 2015


This was the first hurricane threat since I've been in Key West. Saturday morning we pulled the 19' skiff out and put her on the trailer. The water lever was too high for the sandy spot around the corner, so I had to take the trailer and meet Chuck at a real concrete ramp. We put away the coolers and light weight stuff so we wouldn't be fishing it out of canal later. Around noon, we heard that Erika had broken up over the mountains of Cuba. That was a relief. We do still have some wind and rain to deal with though. The winds are 20 -22, that's not bad. Right now, most of the worse rain is to the east and west of us. I hope it stays over there.

Some people say, "I would never live there, what about hurricanes?" When I list all the pros and cons on living in Key West, the pros far out weigh the cons.