Friday, July 30, 2010

My Boat Building Journey

I started building things from wood about 20 years ago; shelves, bookcase, towel racks. I love to create things with my hands. In 2007, Dale and I moved to Houston from the desert (Midland, TX). We met a guy with an Irwin 41 sailboat, and started sailing with him. We enjoyed being on the water, and then in 2009 I decided I wanted to build a boat. Wanting to start off small, I decided my first boat would be a PDRacer ( Yeah, it's small, but it is a lot of fun!

After looking at a lot of plans and reading about the different boats, I decided my next boat would be a Matt Layden design, Paradox. With plans and build manual in hand, I bought the plywood and started cutting. The bulkheads, transom, rudder and rudder blade are cut out. The mast, boom and yard will be next. I should have the solid lumber by this weekend, and get to work.

I am hoping to have this boat completed by June 2011. That might be unrealistic, but I need a deadline. My progress will be posted here for anyone interested to follow.


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  1. Fell into your delightful narrative today. What a pleasure to ride along with you. Marvelous order to your storytelling and delicious quality work on the delightful lines of Paradox Tardis. Your time vessel will be a joy to see as well as sail. She is a time vessel you know; for she will take you beyond the humdrum of obeying timelines. I've heard of some skippers having brochures printed for the viewing public so the same story isn't worn thin over multiple queries and they can, without seeming rude, cast off all the sooner to continue their time travels. Another project to think through in the building program?

    My little Para-to-be just recently arrived in scads of pieces and parts in the back of a Toyota pickitup truck gathered and begun by a grand fellow in KC who married and went larger LWL and recently come to rest in my newly translating garden "boat shed" in S.E. Kansas. So, you see, it's a delight to have a 'neighbor' to follow along with and feed the builder wiggling to free himself of "real life got in the ways" but who also realizes that the preparing and building is a much of the joy of sailoring. lol (Like tailoring) Anywho, thanks for a delightful story compendium with a delightful story teller. I'll let you know when the garden shed turns into a productive boat shed. Gotta haunt harbor freight for more clamps. Not nearly enough clamps yet, my goodness no... lol Cheers and waves, Terrell
    P.S. - Love the masthead workaround. Classy.


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