Friday, January 24, 2014


One year ago this week, I landed in Key West. My only responsibility was to s/v Kairos, I owned no keys, and felt free as a bird. This morning, I grabbed my keys, climbed into my car and drove to work. My life has changed drastically in one year. I'm not complaining, I like my life, it's great. I'm close to my daughter and her family, have a fun job, a wonderful boyfriend, and planning my next boat build.

What's that song that Miranda Lambert sings... "Famous in a small town". Key West is that small town. It may have thousands of tourist visiting every day, but it's still a small town, and everyone makes it into the paper eventually. Last week, it was my daughter and her family, front page... and back page.

Working at the locally owned hardware store, I see the contractors and their employees everyday. Sometimes many times in one day. I don't spend much time with them during the transaction, but enough to chat and learn a little about them. Each of the cashiers have their own "fan club"; those customers that will wait in line for a particular cashier, even tho there are two open registers. Yes, I too have a small fan club. I've been called many enduring names: sweetie, sugar, doll, baby, honey, darling, mama, beautiful, and been told "I love you". Been asked out for drinks, dinner, and even gotten an offer to be a mistress. WOW! Yes, that one shocked me. Doesn't he know how small this town is? Or, does he not care anymore!

Key West is an interesting place, and maybe a one-of-a-kind. It attracts a variety of individuals. I can usually tell the sailors from the power boaters, and the locals from the snowbirds. The young people are usually only here for a few years, then they move on. If you don't have a strong pull to the water, if you are here for the "party" atmosphere, the new wears off after a few years and the financial strain is too much of a burden, and you move on.

I have decided that Jim Michalak's Mayfly 14 is the perfect boat for me. The plans have been copied from Jim's book; enlarged, studied and I'm making a list of lumber needed. I want to know the cost, and an approximate build time. My plan is to start the build this summer, when there is plenty of daylight after work. I'm excited about this boat, and feel I will be able to get a lot of sail time with a Mayfly 14. Now, to just convince Chuck that one more boat will fit on his property.

Chuck's favorite line is: "Some people have an alcohol or drug problem. I have a boat problem, and I don't want a cure."

Yes, there is a house behind the boats.

I think the boat count is up to 12... what's one more!


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    1. The Mayfly won't be a Paradox, but it will go together a lot quicker, and I will be able to get my grandson's out on the water this year. Aiden can be my 1st Mate. We will have a blast.

  2. Good for you, Lezlie. You'll enjoy building and sailing a Mayfly 14.

  3. Check out Brian Graham's Mayfly 14 build on the Texas 200 Facebook site. He posted a lot of photos of his build. I got to sail with him on the New Year Cruise and it was a nice sailing boat.



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