Saturday, August 9, 2014


For over a year, I was able to push back those thoughts of losing s/v TARDIS, my baby. When I saw an email in my inbox from a Paradox or boat building forum, I usually just deleted, did not read. I was in denial, 'just don't think about it' was my attitude. One day the door to the room that held all those feelings of the two years I spent in the garage and driveway building my dream boat, flung wide open and I could not get it closed and locked again. I grieved. To replace TARDIS, I have adopted another boat... Chuck's boat; m/v Jeannie II.

Jeannie II is a 29' fishing boat, and she is Chuck's pride and joy. Chuck wanted a tower on her, but when she's parked on her trailer, she sits right under power lines. The solution; design a fold-down tower. So, he did.

When asked to describe Jeannie II, Chuck told me this:
She has a volvo penta D-6 350 diesel engine with a duroprop outdrive. The engine produces 350 hp and will top out in the 40 knot range, 50 if I am bleeding.
I am adding a foldable tower. The hull is a Mirage hull, manufactured in Gainesville, FL. She is a fish killing machine and has a very large bow flare. If you take a wave over this bow, you should not be out there.
I have added a 9,000 BTU AC unit which uses a 20,000 watt inverter with a battery bank rather than a generator so there are no carbon monoxide fumes to worry about.
Not being familiar with power boats, fishing, or water in the Keys, I asked the question, "What is the purpose of having a tower?" The answer, "You can see the fish better." My next question, "You mean, you can see the fish? Just how far down can you see in the water?" Chuck's reply, "About one hundred feet." I had no idea. I was used to the waters of Galveston Bay, where you might be able to see 12 inches.

View from starboard, the tower folded forward.

View from port side, with tower in place.

It sounds like a big tractor!

Jeannie II needed a few modifications and repairs before she hits the water again. She has a cabin that sleeps six, but was in need of a few changes for a comfortable weekend on the water. First, an A/C unit was installed. The small sink was removed, and the A/C unit installed in it's place. This will make those hot weekends very nice.

The cabin door did not have a good seal, therefore, it leaked. Chuck installed a new door with a window. This door is wider and can be locked.

She has two 150 gallon fresh water tanks. Plenty of water for a weekend, or a week even. The shower below was removed, but there is a hose on deck for a quick rinse.

Jeannie II now is adorned with 34 rod holders. I'm sure many of you just gasped and thought, "34"!!! Before I started fishing with Chuck, I would have done the same. But, you use different setups for different fish. I'm sure at times, they will all be filled. As Chuck tells people all the time, "I brought home the tackle shop one piece at a time." And I believe he did.

After a couple years of living on her trailer in the front yard, on July 24, 2014, Jeannie II felt the cool salt water against her hull once again as she slid free of her trailer. It was long over-due, and Chuck is a very happy man. There are still a few more things that need to be done: re-cover the chair cushions and make cushions for the berths down below. This is my job.

Tied to the dock in the canal, she eagerly awaited a long over-due romp out the channel and in the Atlantic. And she got that chance for Lobster Mini-Season, which was July 30-31. I took those days off from work, and we went hunting lobster.

Last Christmas, my brother gave me a GoPro and I made good use of it during our snorkeling & diving. Here is a video of one of the stops we made. I LOVE LIVING IN KEY WEST!!!!


If the only short cut to your house, involves a boat… 
you're in Conch Country.



  1. UGH! You are killin me! I feel terrible about stealing your Tardis from you. here's the deal. I'm taking her to SailOklahoma in Oct. They have asked for a presentation on the Paradox. About the only thing I am qualified to talk about is the sailing of her, not the building, which is a big thing this crowd wants to know about. Why don't you the presentation with me....and you can sail the pants off of the 'dox??? Sound like a plan? I think Charlie is coming and maybe Travis too, so you'll know lots of folks. let me know


    1. Sean, I will try and get away from work to make it to SailOklahoma. I would love to see everybody…. and my baby! I'll let you know as soon as I know something.


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