Saturday, April 23, 2016


The wind has been blowing like snot for the last two weeks! But today, it calmed down and s/v IDRIS got wet.

Bert and Sheri, my former co-workers, wanted to witness this momentous occasion, so they joined me for the shakedown cruise.

She performed beautifully. Coming out of the local ramp, it is surrounded by mangroves blocking the wind. Luckily, there is a current that was running down wind and in the direction we wanted to travel. We only had to push off and take a few paddles to get in the canal, and we were on our way. The water is very skinny coming out of there, but since it was 3/4 high tide and she doesn't draw much, we only bumped a couple times.

Once in the wind, she took off. She performed well with three aboard, and Bert supplied us with champagne to toast the occasion.

I'm also pleased with the sail. I used a 3.3 oz tarp from Tarps Direct. I plan to build one from heavier material for stronger winds. She sailed close to the wind, and was easy with a jibe and tack... no problems at all. I guess I had her balanced.

I had both hands full most of the time, so Sheri took most of the pictures and video. However, her phone is not sharing those pictures at the moment. It doesn't feel like turning on right now. So, I put together a video taken with my GoPro.  You can see it here: Maiden voyage
Love that water!


  1. Brilliant boat and video. So pleased you finished her.