Sunday, September 3, 2017


Milk, electronics and relationships all have an expiration date. A few days ago, I picked up my iPod Nano and the screen has a brown "burn" area now. Yesterday, the touch screen on my monogram sewing machine quit working. Okay, yes, they are both a little long in the tooth. Financially, this has not been a good month for repairs. 

Yoshi, my outboard, went to the shop a couple weeks ago. When I was told what was wrong and what it would take to fix it, I just saw dollar sign after dollar sign. I have to fix it, otherwise, it would just be an expensive doorstop. I heard that little voice in my head say, "What did you expect. It has "marine" written on the parts, and labor."

My eight year old grandson has come to realize that everything costs money. I came back with, "Except air, that's free." That reminded me of the day my teenage son and I stopped at a gas station to air up my low tire. The free air had been replaced with a coin operated air hose. It had obviously been a stressful day. I threw a fit and shouted that I would NOT pay for AIR. My son thought it was funny. So, I guess not all air is free!

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