Tuesday, February 8, 2011


With all the cold weather that we have had, my thoughts have turned to the warm days, being on the water, and our experiences.

There is just something fascinating about dolphins. I don't believe they have special powers. I don't believe they are smarter than humans, but they are fun to watch in the water. Before Dale and I started sailing, I had never seen them up close. Galveston Bay, where we usually sail, has dolphins and can be seen on occasion.

In 2009, Dale and I joined our friend, Eric on Escapades as crew for the annual Harvest Moon Regatta. We sailed from Kemah to Galveston and then to Port Aransas via the Gulf. We spent the weekend at Port Aransas. On our way home, as we sailed through Aransas Bay, a pod of dolphins joined us. I didn't get my camera, which was down in the cabin, because I thought by the time I got back on deck, they would be gone. After about 4 or 5 minutes, they were still swimming with us, so I ran and got the camera. They were so close, I could have almost touched them. This day will stay with me forever. Here is a short video of that time. Enjoy.

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