Sunday, October 2, 2011


When I was a little girl, my mother said if she tried to help me do something, I would say, "do it myself ". Well, I haven't changed. On Thursday, the trailer was ready for the boat, and I did it myself.

The roller assemblies were bolted onto a 2 x 4. Then the 2 x 4 was bolted onto the trailer. Not knowing how much the boat weighted at this point, I was afraid that she would be hard to get on the trailer. TARDIS was sitting on her Dolly, so I rolled her up to the back of the trailer. Her stem was about 4 inches lower than the roller at the back. About the time I was going to lift the bow up, my neighbor came over and wanted to help. He easily lifted her bow and set it onto the roller. Then, with little effort, we pushed at the stern and she rolled right onto the trailer. I really could have done it all by myself!

Immediately after TARDIS was settled, it began to pour down rain. I backed her up into the garage and began to strap her down.

Since the boat didn't take up the whole trailer, there was lots of room to pack stuff on. I was beginning to feel like the Clampetts.

I slowly drove the 35 miles to Pasadena, keeping an eye on the left tire that has a leak. I aired up the tire before I left, but didn't know how long it would hold air. I made it home without incident.

Now that I am all moved and settled, I can start back to work on TARDIS. After she is finished, I will need to get a trailer that fits her. One with no rust, working lights, safety chains ... you know, all those required parts.

*NOTE: I don't have internet yet, so if this post looks different it's because I wrote it on my phone.
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