Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have had a mental block when it comes to the cabin top. But, I think maybe I'm past that and back working on it. I was a little burned out with the build, needed to take a little time off. Now, if I can stick with it, I can finish it. The colder weather makes it too easy to say, "It's cold out there in the garage, I'll wait until it warms up." That excuse isn't going to work anymore.

My tools are finally pulled out of boxes and organized on the wall or shelf. This makes the build go a little smoother too. I don't spend 15 minutes digging for that clamp or bit.

Got the side frames done. Some of the beams are made. And, of course, now I need more epoxy.

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  1. 'Tardis' is coming along nicely. You'll do it and reap the reward.

    Best wishes,


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