Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As I was looking through my pictures of TARDIS, I realized that I never posted anything about the way I did the chine runners.

Before I attached the bottom, I only rough cut to the approximate size. After nailing the bottom in place, I then trimmed off the extra.
I took measurements from the plans and marked the area that extended from the sides to make the base of the chine runners. Once she was rolled over, I marked the line on the hull for the top of the chine runner. Blocks of wood where then glued and screwed in place to fill in from the line on the hull down to the edge of the bottom. Once the epoxy had cured, the screws were removed and holes filled with ... you guessed it... thickened epoxy. Then the sanding began.

After I had applied the three layers of woven roving, and while it was still turned upside down, I painted the bottom and the sides below the waterline.

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