Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Through the whole build, when I came across a part that was a little difficult, I would put it aside and go on with something that was easier. It has now come down to all those more difficult jobs.

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over, handed me a bag and said, "here". I opened it and squealed with excitement. Obviously, he saw my worn out jigsaw! I get to use his to finish my build. By the look on his face, I guess he has never seen a woman get that excited over a power tool.

I have been putting off cutting the hole in the transom for the tiller. It seems wrong to cut a big hole that close to the waterline. The pintle and gudgeon was ordered from Duckworks, and I installed it today. The lower gudgeon is not completed yet, so I just drilled a hole in scrap wood to simulate the gudgeon. After marking approximately where the tiller will meet the transom, I drilled a couple of holes. With jigsaw in hand, I started the cutting. And it cut so smooth!!!!

The tiller will be made next. Hopefully, that post will be up in a few days. We'll see...

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