Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today, I pulled TARDIS out of the garage to step the mast. My neighbor, Larry, came across the lawn carrying a couple of beers. He rarely comes over empty handed. :-)

The third coat of paint has been spread, and I think that's all she will get. A non-skid will be applied to the deck also.

The vent trunk on a Paradox is unique. The halyard and furling line come through the deck into the vent trunk, and then into the cabin. At the bottom of the mast step, there is a drain hole. The electrical box is mounted to the left of the vent trunk. The batteries will be on the other side of the bulkhead the box is mounted on.

Wiring for the running lights will come down through the mast, exit the mast below the deck, and will plug into the harness mounted inside the vent trunk. The hole for the wires to go to the box has not been drilled yet. Wires have already been run from the box to the pump located in the aft storage space.

A list has been made of all the hardware that is needed. The sail will be purchased as a kit from Sailrite. Oh yeah, and a trailer.

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