Sunday, October 28, 2012

BELIZE 2012 - PART 1


A couple years ago, Dale and I went to Belize for a week.  We had a blast, and I knew I wanted to go again.   This last Christmas, I told my brother, Kelly, that he and I should go this fall.  He was excited, but didn’t have a passport.   I told him to get one.  Within a few months, he had his passport and was ready for our adventure.

Kelly drove down from his home in Lubbock, TX.  He spent the night on my boat (a first for him) and we got up BEFORE the crack of dawn, and headed to the airport on October 18th.   This was a brother/sister trip, and we had a blast.

We arrived in Belize City, and were already very tired because we didn’t get much sleep the night before.  Our plan was to ride the bus to San Ignacio, but decided to take a taxi instead. 

This was our cabin at Parrot Nest.

Parrot Nest would be our home for the next few days.  The owner, Theo, is a wonderful host and her breakfasts are delicious.  There is a comfortable common area where quests can gather for meals and great conversation.  It has a down home feel, complete with two friendly dogs and three cats… one that will want in your lap if you crawl in the hammock.

The path to our cabin.

Nina and Puppy will escort you anywhere on the property.  This is the Mopan River right behind the cabins.
On the road to Parrot Nest.

Our first day there was spent walking through town and then hiking to Cahal Pech


Our second day was spent with Henry Link, our guide, kayaking down the Mopan River.  A driver dropped us off at the Guatamala border, we put in and took off down stream.  About noon, we reached San Jose Succotz Village, pulled out and walked a few blocks to Benny’s Kitchen and had lunch.  My rice and beans with chicken was tasty.  After lunch, we continued down the river.  About nine miles and ten rapids later, we reached the end of our jouney at the little town of Clarissa Falls.  Kelly and I had a fantastic day.  The weather was
great and our guide was very interesting.  You can contact Henry Link through PACZ Tours.

Next on our agenda, was a trip to ATM Cave.  I had told the other guests at Parrot Nest how much fun the ATM Cave was, that they decided to go with us.  PACZ Tours picked us up at 8 am, and we headed for the cave.  After about an hours drive, we reached the entrance to the park.  There we gathered our helmet, lunch and water provided. And then we start the 45 minute hike to the cave, crossing the river three times.  Oh, did I mention that this cave has a river running through it?  YEAH, how awesome is that?! 

Our guide, Louis, put lights on our helmets, and we gather at the cave entrance.  We are given a list of rules.  #1 Rule: listen to your guide and do what he tells you.  That’s really the only rule.

For the next 4 hours, we swim, wade, climb and see lots of cool cave formations and Mayan ritual artifacts.  Yeah, they did human sacrifices here too, so we saw human remains.  I definitely recommend this tour for anyone visiting this area of Belize.  You will come away with sore muscles, but even more life-lasting memories.  (There were no cameras allowed in the cave, so I have no pics to post.)

My next post, in a day or so, will cover our journey to Caye Caulker.  So stay tuned ….


  1. That's a pretty good resort that supplies a couple of dogs for the guests.


  2. Awesome life of adventure you have my friend!! Glad to have you home so I can get first hand accounts, a glass of wine and a lot of laughter!!! Tammy :-)

  3. Shared on the Cayo Scoop! Thanks for a great review of Cayo.