Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Much Interest in TARDIS

Yesterday, I was standing on the dock, watching work being done to the sail of s/v Kairos, when my phone rang. I looked to see who was calling me, and below the number were the words "United Kingdom". I stared at it for a few seconds, confused. Never have I ever had those words on my phone.

It seems that there are a few across the pond, interested in buying TARDIS. The cost to ship a container overseas, is quite expensive though.

Today, I realized there are discussions on several forums, about the sale of TARDIS. She is still available, waiting on her trailer for someone to give her a good home.

Meanwhile, I am here on Kairos. We are waiting for all the contractors to finish their work, so we can take off. Hopefully, that will happen in a couple of days. We have spent our evenings planning routes, playing cards, telling tales, enjoying adult beverages... life is good.  We are having fun, even here at the marina...

"Deal me in and pass that bottle..."

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