Sunday, May 26, 2013


I had the day off, and needed to get out on the water. My friend has a kayak and said I could use it anytime. Today was the day. Only problem I faced; his home is about 9 miles away.

"Can you ride that far?" said that, oh so familiar voice.
"Sure she can, that's nothing," replied the adventurous voice.

Why not? I will make a full day's adventure out of this. I packed a lunch, some water, a towel (because you never know) and a few other things I thought I would need for my trip, and off I went.

There was a strong wind, right on the nose. I did check the time so I would know how long it took me. There is a nice wide bike path all the way, a very easy ride.

Boca Chica Marina, taken from the Boca Chica Channel bridge.

I decided to paddle up the canal behind my friend's home, it would be a nice relaxing ride. I think it would be awesome to have your boat right there behind your home, and just a minute from the Atlantic.

The view is spectacular, and now I understand why people want to move to Florida, more especially to the Keys.

There were actually three iguana sunning on the bulkhead, but the other two ran away. Iguana are plentiful here and I see them as road kill all the time. They are fun to watch, but can be a pest if you are trying to grow flowers, they think they are tasty!
Palm trees, water, boats.... it was so peaceful.

And what waterway is complete without a statue of a mermaid? Someone thought she needed a little bling, and added a strand of beads... nice touch.

I went out in the big water (Atlantic), but the wind was pretty strong, and I wasn't in the mood to 'work' to get anywhere, and didn't have a planned destination anyway. So, I just went out and back.

I stopped on my way back and ate my lunch. While I was standing there, a sheriff's car pulled up beside me and stopped. Of course, my first thought was, "Crap, what did I do wrong?" He asked if that was me he saw riding in a neighborhood at Big Coppitt Key. I said it was, and he said, "Dang. I need to get my bike out and ride."

When I told my roommate about this, she said he just stopped to get a closer look, and he was flirting with me. She knows all the police here, and was married to a police officer... so I guess she knows.

Oh yeah, it took me 65 minutes to ride there, with a head wind, and stopping a few times to take pictures. That's better than I thought I would do. Next time I will take my grandson, but I will borrow a vehicle, I don't think my basket will hold him.

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