Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I know it hasn't been that long ago that I packed my two boxes to be stored, but I had forgotten most of their contents. These boxes hold those possessions I thought I could not discard from my life, yet did not need to keep them within arm's reach.

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to retrieve them, as I have made Key West my home. They were sent to my brother for safe keeping, and he buried them amongst the collection of his and his daughter's boxes in "Fred". Fred is the shed he built in his backyard. My niece thought the building needed a name, and dubbed it 'Fred the Shed'. Fred has been keeping my prized possessions safe for the last several months.

These two boxes were unearthed, and shipped to me here in Key West. Getting boxes delivered to your home is always fun, but more than that, I had the feeling of excitement you get on Christmas morning. With great anticipation, I opened the first box.

My hair dryer, oh how I've missed you! Lots of pictures of my kids, some of their school work, and a quilt I made Shawn when he was one year old.


This quilt was entered in the Lubbock county fair, and placed second. I drew the design on the fabric, free-hand embroidered the design with a sewing machine, and then outlined by hand. I think it turned out really cute.

I've had my tool belt for about 25 years.
There were the two needlepoint Christmas stockings that I had purchased, along with needlepoint threads and frames to stitch them on. They are way too expensive to toss, and I had already started stitching mine. The other stocking, the S.S. Claus is cute, and I will stitch that one... for me also. I can have two!
My scrapbook is not up-to-date. The last entry was back in 2011. I'm in the process of collecting photos and organizing my thoughts about what I need to enter in the book. I can picture me sitting in a rocking chair, years from now, and my kids are showing me pages from this book, and the conversation will go something like this:

Amy:  See Mom, this is when you moved to Houston.
Me:    I lived in Houston?
Shawn: This is when you sailed the Texas 200 on Traveler.
Me:    I've never been on a sailboat!

When I was little, my grandmother jokingly told me I needed 'remembering' pills... but I would probably forget to take them. She was right... I would forget to take them!

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