Monday, October 21, 2013


Like most eatables from the sea, stone crab has a season, and it began Oct. 15th. Stone crabs are popular in the Keys, but I had never heard of them until I moved here. Only the claw is eaten, and only the larger one is harvested and then the stone crab is thrown back in the water… they will grow another claw.

Crab traps.

Chuck loves stone crab, and he has six traps that will be set soon. Yummmm, another fresh dinner straight from the sea. Around here, we celebrate everything, including the opening of a season. Saturday, there was a stone crab eating contest, and we (Chuck, Stan, Gail and I) were in attendance. I was not a contestant, but Chuck and Gail were. This was the 3rd annual competition at Key's Fisheries in Marathon, fifty miles up the road from Key West. Veronica, the winner of the first two years, was a young woman that works at Key's Fisheries. Unfortunately, this year she was disqualified when she couldn't keep her last claw down, but her record still stands. 

Chuck talked Gail into competing in both the singles and the team competition. It was a lot of fun to watch, and all the contestants walked away with a full tummy. Needless to say, Chuck was not hungry come dinner time. 


If your boat has more horsepower than your car,
You're in Conch Country.

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  1. Great blog Lezlie , looking forward to the next story ! When I'm reading this , it's as if I'm right there with you in the story . Have fun in Florida , we miss you here in Texas .