Monday, September 30, 2013


Aiden, my grandson, turned five years old last week. I gave him a fishing rod for his birthday, and Chuck was to teach him how to use it. Sunday was that appointed day. The boat was loaded with rods, chum, bait, and we headed out for the open water.  Chuck knew just the spot for Aiden to have a positive experience for his first fishing trip. We anchored, put the chum bucket overboard, and there were many hungry yellowtail fighting for their fresh meal. Chuck rigged Aiden's Spiderman rod with hook and bait, threw it in the water, and immediately got a bite. Aiden pulled in one after another... so many that we lost count! All but one were under-sized yellowtail, but one fish was a keeper.
His first fish

Aiden took us home.

Chuck lead Aiden in his initiation into the world of anglers. Aiden will be a tournament champion in no time. I can see many more afternoons with a rod and reel in Aiden's hands, and Chuck by his side.

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