Monday, December 16, 2013



ME: BURRR… 81…. FEELS LIKE 84. :-)

My mother has entered the world of the smart phone. She has been keeping me abreast of the weather in Lubbock, Tx, through texting… where I will spend my Christmas week. They have been having some very cold weather lately, as low as 10 degrees. Wow, I don't own a coat, and only one long sleeve shirt. Guess I will spend most of my time in the house, or borrow a coat. I do hope my brother will take me for another ride on his motorcycle while I'm there. Last time I went riding with him, it was in the low 30s, and I was bundled up enough that I didn't get cold. That, or I was just having so much fun that I didn't notice I was cold. Either way, it didn't scare me off of riding in the winter.

When the temperature is 83 degrees, and you can lay in the sun and tan, it just doesn't seem like Christmas is almost here. That's okay, because I will have my one week of winter, and it will come at the perfect time… Christmas week. I can then return to the tropical weather of Key West, FL.

A couple days ago, my daughter sent me a photo of her and her husband, coming from the beach, with Frosty in the background. What's wrong with this picture?! NOTHING!!! I love it. Most of Key West is draped in Christmas lights, and it's very festive. One of my co-workers won first place in the "Best Decorated House", and it glows. Reminded me of the Chevy Chase movie.... Christmas Vacation.

Chuck asked me the other day, "Are we going to put up a Christmas tree?" Since neither one of us will be in Key West during Christmas week, I didn't think it necessary. As far as my shopping is concerned, I am almost done. I believe I have done better this year, picking out the perfect gifts. Some a little unusual, some practical, but I believe all will be appreciated. The only one I am stumped about, is for Rocket, my 18 month old grandson. He is too young to fish or snorkel... so fins and rod & reel are out. He does love balls. I think he will be the athlete of the family.

I accompanied Chuck to Marathon for a Children's Christmas Fair, where the Mason's provide a free child ID service. Christmas music and dance programs from the local dance studios played on the stage. Everyone was sporting their shorts, flip-flops and Santa hats in the 84 degree weather. Just doesn't feel like December to me. Life is different in the Keys.

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