Sunday, December 1, 2013


My bike has felt a little neglected. It's been too long since we took a ride, and I was feeling restless. I had not explored all the roads in Chuck's neighborhood, until today. I found a quiet little beach that probably only the locals know about, because it's tucked away far off the beaten path.

The road is barricaded to car traffic at the beginning of the beach. It appears that maybe past hurricanes have not been kind to the road, so it was closed. However, bikes and pedestrians can continue on... so I did.

Then the overgrown road ended, there was a path that led on down the shoreline. Me, being the "wonder what's around the corner" type person, I continued on foot.

Along the path was this fence with various types of shoe. I suppose this is the lost and found?

This took me by surprise... but I continued on. What?! I had to see The Stone House!

It wasn't quite what I expected, although, I don't know what I expected. It looks like it is a dead tree that someone used as a cornerstone for a "fort". Remember those structures you built as a kid and played make-believe in all summer? This is the adult version. Actually, it was kinda' cool. My amateur photography skills couldn't capture the ambiance of the place, or show the rooms very will.

Left of one of the entrances, is the bow of a small fiberglass boat. Nets and other washed-up parafanalia decorate the house, inside and out.

Past The Stone House, the path became more rocky and wet. My leather flip flops are not appropriate footwear for water, so I turned back. I did however, notice a couple people taking advantage of the designated "clothing optional" area. Next time, I will wear my water shoes and explore farther down the coast. Hummmm... I have always wanted no tan lines....

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