Monday, June 23, 2014

TX 200: DAY 2

Lot less "exciting" than day 1 , but no less the learning experieince. I should have filmed going aground but was too busy dealing with it. I'm sure it would have been least now! LOL Then, though,.... I was watching the duckers disappear ahead of me and I needed to follow them to find the impromptu destination that was setup for that day after we reached camp 2. They had agreed to sail to Padre Islnad Yacht Club for the night...a distance of around 10 miles....and nighttime was coming fast. To say I was in scramble mode when they said.. "uh aren't gonna make it through here (as I slid hard aground) ...You'r gonna have to turn around...find a channel around the other side of this island that'll get you to the ICW" would be an understatement. In was no big deal. I mean what's the worse case? Maybe I end up camping solo that night..I wasnt gonna die or anything.... least not as long as a stingray ..or gater....or bullshark didnt eat me while I was slogging the boat back upwind to find sailable water. HAHAHA The audio is very weak on this video...sorry.... if you use earbuds and crank it up it's audible... but barely. Operator error on my part. Had the waterproof back on the camera housing and it really muffles everything.
Sean Mulligan & Scout

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