Saturday, June 7, 2014

Texas 200 2014

No, I won't be there, but TARDIS... I mean SCOUT will be. Sean Mulligan, SCOUT's owner, is taking her back to her homeland. It was my dream for TARDIS to make the trip up the Texas coast, because I know she can make it easily with her shallow draft. I will not be at the helm, but I am confident that she will carry Sean safely for those 200 miles, and they will make fond memories together. Sean was kind enough to offer me the tiller for a couple days, if I would make the trip this year. But, I just can't get away from work that long.  Maybe someday my ship will come in and I will have the opportunity to run and play as much as I would like. Okay, y'all can quit laughing now... it's a nice dream though, right?

There is something special about this year's cruise. LIVESTRONG. Chuck Pierce decided to honor cancer survivors, and those that have lost the battle, with their name on his boat.

For a donation, a name would be placed on his 8' Duck sailboat that will sail this year. Word spread, others wanted to join. Many will be sailing this 200 mile journey in a Duck, at last count there were 13 Ducks in the flock. This is awesome. Sean is not sailing a Duck, but is participating in the fund raising... SCOUT is an honorary Duck.

"Every single name on every boat that has them will serve not only as a way to honor cancer survivors and victims, but as a way that they can be with us on the trip, if not physically, then in our thoughts."

To read more about their trip, go to Sean's blog:
Sean has SPOT if anyone wants to keep up with them. I know I will.

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