Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving in New Jersey

This year, I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Chuck and his family in New Jersey. This was my first time that far north, and my first time with his family. Yes, I was more nervous about this adventure than I was crossing the Gulf a couple years ago. However, this adventure was a lot more calm and relaxing.

New Jersey's climate was a bit colder than Key West, so I did buy a coat for the trip. I didn't see snow, but I did feel below freezing temperatures.  

We made a couple trips to Atlantic City. The weather was nasty, so I didn't get to enjoy the boardwalk. I've been to Las Vegas a couple times... if you've seen one casino, you've seen them all. Although, Bally's Wild West had some pretty amazing murals in one room.

Things I learned on this trip:

1.  It is illegal to have a radar detector in Virginia.
2.  If you carry a gun in New Jersey, you go to jail.
3.  You can play 2 1/2 times as long at a $10 Black Jack table, as you can at a $25 Black Jack table.
4.  New Jersey is famous for their diners.
5.  The Philly Cheese Steak really is better in Jersey.
6.  Buy the 5-hour energy drink before you get on the road, not every convenience store carries it.
7.  Just "breath" and it will be okay! 

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