Thursday, December 25, 2014


I am making sawdust again! The ripping has begun.
Mast, boom, yard, rudder and leeboard will be constructed first. When the hull is complete, it will be ready to splash, and not waiting for the other essential parts.

I had to make a couple sawhorses, and made them the same height as the table saw. It worked out great.

When I was in Houston, I had a good collection of clamps. I have to improvise this time. The poor man's clamp. They work pretty well, and cheap!
4" PVC cut into 1" lengths, then split.

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  1. Leslie - congratulations on getting started on another boat build - I will follow it with interest! It was nice to meet you this year at SailOK. My SCAMP is nearing completion, and you can see that at if you're interested. -- Dave