Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Key West Community Sailing Center has been kind enough to let me build my boat at their place. I need a covered area to work in, the framework is already in place. I purchased two tarps and sewed them together to make it big enough to cover the whole frame.

I don't leave my tools there, I keep them in my vehicle. I needed a good way to carry them back and forth from the vehicle, so I bought a Stanley rolling box. It has worked out very well.

The leeboard, rudder & rudder stock have been cut out. They are ready to epoxy together. I am using West System for this build. Mainly because I get a discount at work, and that's what we carry.

The bulkheads will be started tomorrow. The build should pick up speed now that I have a covered area. I will push to get this done as quickly as possible. Stay tuned.

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