Sunday, July 16, 2017


Today, there was not enough wind to take the sailboat out. Instead, I borrowed my daughter's kayak to go exploring. I live only two blocks from a canal that runs through the middle of Key West. I wanted to see what I could see, so off I went. 

I headed north and in the distance I saw this wooden boat anchored. I've not seen this boat before, so I paddled over to get a closer look. 

I circled the boat and headed over by the mangroves where the water was like glass. Little fish darting in and out of the sea grass entertained me while I ate my packed lunch. I then headed back to the canal. Not ready to pull out and go home, I passed my street and kept heading south. I wasn't sure exactly where it would take me, but I did know that there were at least two bridges I would come to. The first one is a foot bridge that was not a problem. The second, was a four lane road. In fact, when you are driving over this bridge, there is no incline, and you can't see the water from the road, so it's not obvious that it is a bridge. And that means there is not a big clearance on the water. I stopped and thought it through before continuing on. It was so low, I could not use my kayak paddle, so I pulled myself through.

The canal got smaller and smaller, and seemingly secluded. A few minutes later, the thunder and lightning started, so I thought it was a good time to head back. As I reached my street, the rain started. It's a tough life, but somebody has to live it!

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