Saturday, July 22, 2017


I know... I said I would never build another boat. Unfortunately, one boat will not fill all your boating needs. A kayak is great for navigating small water with physical effort. The 16 foot sailboat is good for bigger open water. But what about the in-between?

I want a boat that is quick to get on the water, and small enough to go down the small canal with bridges. But I want the option of a small sail for when I reach a small bay. Here is a list of requirements:
  • Must be small and light enough to pull on dolly behind bicycle.
  • Must have mast that will fold down.
  • Sail must furl for quick adjustments and neat storage when folded down
I don't even pretend to be a boat designer. Everything I have made, I bought the plans. Here are some questions I have:
  1. How narrow can you go and still be fairly stable with a sail, and without out-riggers?
  2. Could I use a little balast with a more narrow boat to make more stable?
  3. Is there a formula for length, width, sail area?
Duckworks was the first place I went to look at plans. What about the Rodent? Or the OZracer? 

If anyone has experience with these specs, or can point me in a direction for research, I welcome all suggestions. Like my friend always told me... you can never have too many boats.

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