Sunday, December 31, 2017

LEZLIE, what did you do on your birthday?

Thank you for asking! It was a Saturday, no work. My two youngest grandkids had their first T-ball practice today, so I was there watching 4 and 5 year olds chase the ball.

My bike needs brake pads replaced. I took off toward Old Town Key West to the bike shop. Since I was so close to Flying Monkey Saloon, I treated myself to a frozen adult beverage... because it's my birthday!

Just a few sips in, I was feeling the adult part of that drink. The cruise ship was in and all it's passengers had flooded Duval Street. I found a quiet bench to sit and enjoy my beverage.

On my way back home, I followed the music to a mariachi band. Upon learning it was my birthday, they played a song just for me. When I was home, my daughter and her family had cake and gifts for me. And.... another "Happy Birthday" song.

Being the party animal I am, I spent the whole night watching movies, playing with Legos and sipping water. Yep, that's me... PARTY ANIMAL!!

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