Saturday, January 6, 2018


For the last week, it's been cold here in Key West. Space heaters were our number one seller! Our winter here usually consists of a couple weeks of temperatures below 70. This week our temps plummeted to 54. Laugh all you want. That's cold when you are used to 72 as a low. Instead of buying a heater, I saved my $34.99, and just pulled out another blanket.

Speaking of blankets, I have a quilt I will never part with. This quilt was with me on s/v Kairos when we crossed the Gulf in January 2013. This is the closest thing I have ever had to a security blanket.

I was listening to the radio this morning. You know those old "woe is me" country songs. There was a line in one song, "The only thing I can count on now, is my fingers." I love those old classics. Fun lyrics and good to dance to. I miss that... dancing.

When I was living in Texas last year, I thought I would go dancing a lot. I had no one to go with, so I went by myself. It's just not as much fun to go alone. You feel like a sitting duck. It's a catch 22... if you turn down a dance invitation, other singles see that and do not ask you to dance. If you accept a dance invitation, he can monopolize your evening and no one else will ask you to dance. That is good if you like this person, but that was not my experience. Long story short, I only went about three times because it was not enjoyable to go alone. Again... I miss it!

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