Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I want to introduce you to George. He greets me at the door everyday when I come home to my new apartment. How do I know he is a boy? I saw him with his lady friend.

My new place is great. The only drawback, it is furnished. I had to sell or giveaway all my furniture. The three things I did sell, I got pennies on the dollar, but my new place was worth giving up things. The table I was so proud of, was donated to a new pastor who arrived in Key West with nothing. I was glad to give it to someone that was in need.


Today, as I was riding to work, I noticed a little box in front of a house, just full of books. This is so awesome. I haven't done much reading lately, but I think that that is about to change.

Well, I'm going to curl up with my new adventure....Private: #1 Suspect.

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