Thursday, March 17, 2011

Annie & Her Yellow Bucket

Annie is a long haired Rottweiler. Five years ago, she was dumped out near a house in the country, along with a cat and a yellow bucket.

My cousin took the dog and gave her a home on his ranch. Annie has a pen behind the house, and keeps her yellow bucket close. If she goes to the front yard, she takes her bucket with her, and lays next to
it. Annie loves her yellow bucket. A white bucket was given to her, and she just tore it up. Her bucket has to be YELLOW.

And, don't mess with her bucket. While mowing the yard, if the mower bumps the bucket, Annie will bite the tires of the mower.

Annie is also a hoarder. She keeps the yard clean. Many things have been found in her pen, including a dead calf. One Christmas, a gift was ordered and to be delivered by UPS. Several days after the delivery due date, someone went to Annie's pen and found a lot of trash... and found Annie laying on the shredded jacket. The UPS driver left the package on the porch, and Annie took care of it.

Annie is a very big, sweet dog. Just don't leave anything laying around that you don't want destroyed.

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