Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paint & Plumbing

Finally, I get to paint. I hated covering up that natural wood, but I don't want the cabin to be dark, so I painted it off-white. The sole, vent trunk, seat and maybe a few other pieces around the ports will be left natural wood. I want cushions to cover the sole, but that will come later.

The interior is painted with Glidden Porch & Floor Polyurethane Oil Gloss. It has held up well on our PDRacers, so I thought it would be good for the interior of TARDIS. The exterior of the boat will be painted with a marine paint.

Plumbing, I hate plumbing. The pump has been installed and the plumbing done. To fill the water tanks, a hose will be screwed into the hull and dropped into the water. I needed a 3/4 inch 90 degree elbow with threads on both ends. Apparently, there is no such animal, so I made my own. This was done by cutting off the slip fitting side, and glueing a threaded fitting to it. A hole was then drilled through the hull and lots of epoxy used to hold it in place. Check that off my list!

We are getting closer and closer to putting the deck on. These are exciting times!


  1. I guess it's a good decision of painting the wood with white. It looks so neat now.

  2. Looking great. I painted the whole inside of my boat white for the same reason. I did the WHOLE thing to make touchup/maintenance simpler, no cut lines where paint meets varnish.

    Polyurethane oil paint? Is that what I normally think of as just a polyurethane?

    1. The can said "polyurethane oil paint", but when I think of polyurethane, I think of a varnish instead of paint. I used white paint, oil based. I believe it is holding up well.


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