Saturday, December 22, 2012

86 Degrees & Sunny

That was the weather in Key West in December. 

My daughter, Amy, lives in Key West and got married on Friday, December 7, 2012. I flew out there a few days early to visit and help her with a few details of the wedding. 

This was my first visit to Key West.  The weather was awesome, I loved it.  Their home is spacious and comfortable. My first night there, Amy, Bill (her fianc√©) and I went out for dinner.  After dinner, Bill went to the airport to pick up Richie, a close friend of Bill’s that would perform the wedding ceremony.  Amy and I walked to the Schooner’s Warf and had a beer while we waited on Bill and Richie to arrive.  While sitting there next to the boardwalk, we witnessed three drunks that fell.  It was quite entertaining.

Aiden and Roman Pop

On Thursday evening, the wedding party gathered at Amy & Bill’s home for a delicious meal. After the adult beverages were uncorked, Bill proceeded to tell stories of his college days.  His mother learned more that night than she really wanted to about those days. It was a fun evening.

Friday, the day of the wedding.  Bill and Aiden, their four-year-old son, spent the morning together getting ready for the ceremony later that afternoon.  A photographer was going to follow the boys around and capture the moments.  The photographer, Dave, told Aiden to not say cheese when he took his picture.  Aiden replied, “Can I say provolone?” Dave loved it!

The private ceremony was held at Mallory Square with a few friends and family. Afterwards, we proceeded to the ice cream parlor because ice cream was promised to Aiden. Later, Aiden and Rocket, the newest addition to the family, were escorted home with the babysitter.  The wedding party then had a wonderful dinner at Bagatelle.  I ate swordfish for the first time.  It was delicious.

It's not official until you change your relationship status on Facebook! :-)
After dinner, we made our way down Duval Street, where we were stopped for a photo from a tourist. Not just the bride and groom, but the whole wedding party.  I'm sure this man later wondered why he had a picture of these people.  He didn't appear to be drunk though.

Bill's friend was playing at the Lazy Gecko.  When we walked in, the whole place applauded the bride and groom.  It was a great night.

Bill is a wonderful man, and the perfect man for my daughter. Every parent wants their child to find that perfect mate. Amy and Bill found each other, and I am so happy for them. The love they have for each other is so obvious. 

Below are some pictures of my week in Key West.

This is Bill's mother and her husband in the background.

Aiden, Bill and Rocket

Aiden is quite a character.  If you ask him his name, he will tell you Peter Parker.  He loves the Spiderman movie, and pretends to be both Spiderman AND Peter Parker.
Guess who he is now!
Notice the date painted on the hood.  Bill will have no excuse if he forgets their anniversary!

So pretty.
The morning after.  He liked his suit so much, he wore it for 2 more days.  He dressed himself this morning.  He looks like he just drug in from an all-nighter.
 His name is Liam, but is called Rocket.  You guessed it, big brother named him before he was born... Baby Rocket.  After he was born, the "Baby" was dropped and is now just Rocket. A few refuse to call him Rocket, instead, they call him Liam.  How boring!

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