Sunday, December 16, 2012

iDuck is Home

Today was the day that I brought iDuck to Waterford to use as my dinghy. One of her duties will be to provide a platform for me to stand while I repair the hull of The Flatulence. But today, she was a fun sail in the marina. It’s been a year and a half since this little duck got to swim, and she is so happy now.

Sailing in this Waterford Harbor is not easy. There are two-story homes and condos on all sides of the marina. The wind, although it was blowing good today, was blocked by the buildings.  It was fun anyway. I sailed all the way to pier 1 and then back to my pier. iDuck always gets looks and a thumbs-up. There were several that stopped to watch me sail, and I’m sure I will hear comments later.

iDuck has a bright yellow balanced lug sail.  If any of you see me on the water, give me a holler and a wave.  I might not be able to wave back, because she requires both hands, one for the tiller and one for the sheet.  I’m sure she will be out and about on Clear Lake a lot.

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