Monday, December 24, 2012


Last year, Dale gave me a book called SWEPT: Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre Deroche.  He said I would probably like it.  I started to read it, but never finished.  True story of a young woman that meets a guy,  and he is preparing to sail around the world.  Their relationship escalates, and she is invited to go with him.  She drops everything and goes.  While reading this, I thought HOW COOL!

It was a Tuesday.  I was at my boat, fixing a late lunch, when a man named Richard stopped by. He said he had been instructed to come introduce himself.  The conversation quickly turned to his friend, Bill.  Richard said Bill was looking for someone to go to the movies with.  Richard asked if I was “looking”.  I came back with a quick NO.  Actually, I indeed had been on a couple of dating sites “looking”, but had deleted my profiles a couple months prior to this conversation.  As Richard was leaving, he asked if he could tell Bill to come over and introduce himself.  I sighed, and said, “If he wants to wander over some time, that would be okay.”  Within 15 minutes, Bill was at my boat.

Over the next couple of months, Bill and I shared meals, watched movies, played cards and talked.  He told me of his plan to sail his boat around the world. His nephew is going along, and Bill has invited me to join them. How could I say no?

Has God been preparing me for this adventure?  Maybe.  Do you believe in omens?
  1. I have already sold most of my possessions.
  2. I have lived aboard for a couple of months already.
  3. The book, given to me by my "ex".
  4. Last summer I built all new canvas for a boat named s/v Leslie C (I saw it as SEA.)
  5. In the past year, I have met five guys with names that started with "C". (My joke was that the "C" is following me... get it... following seas.  Okay, it's a nautical term.)
  6. In my work, I have met many cruisers and learned a little about the lifestyle, and love it.
  7. Both my children are grown and have, just this year, moved off to carve out a life of their own.

I will use my blog to document our travels. My followers can live vicarious through my posts.  It will be quite an adventure. Who says dreams don’t come true? 


  1. Girl, although I will miss you VERY much I am so excited to see how this new adventure unfolds!

    Love you!

  2. We are hoping to leave within 2 weeks. The boat is almost ready. We are waiting on the sail repair and the cockpit enclosure to be completed.

    I will post regularly and keep everyone updated on our travels. I will introduce Capt. Bill and Mako in a post before we leave. So, stay tuned. It will be a fantastic journey!

  3. Love it! See you out there!!

    Cathy & Chris (2 more C's in your life)
    and of course Major the Sailing Weiner Dog

  4. Have a great adventure. Looking forward to your blog account. What's happening to 'TARDIS'?