Monday, June 10, 2013


Meet my friend, Gator. Gator is a four year old German Shepard that wants to be in the middle of everything, and loves to play. That was not always the case. Gator had been trained as an attack dog for a police department, but became  uncontrollable, possibly due to abusive training. He is living in a good home now, and is a real sweetheart, unless you try to break into his home or hurt his people. Then Gator would not treat you so kindly.

He also has a reputation in his roommate's circle of friends; Gator once sank a boat.

Until recently, when Gator's roommate would come home from work, Gator would meet him with a 12 inch piece of garden hose, and they would play. One day, upon arriving home, the roommate heard water running. He walked toward the back of the house, and his thoughts suddenly turned from "where is that running water", to "WHERE IS MY BOAT?!". The twin engine, center console fishing boat, normally tied to the dock in the canal behind the house, was missing. When he got to the dock, he could see the taught dock lines still tied to the dock, and the bottom of the boat just under the surface, staring back at him. The running water he heard, was gushing out of the broken PVC water pipe in the backyard, and aimed straight at the boat. Apparently, Gator was tugging on the hose connected to that PVC pipe, and snapped it in two. This boat was equipped with two bilge pumps, and put up a good fight, before the batteries finally gave up the ghost, letting the boat fill with water and then turn turtle.

Having all the necessary equipment on site, the boat was raised, turned over, and drained. The engines were immediately taken apart, cleaned, and serviced. The boat is now sitting on it's trailer, but the engines are still not running. The question that is asked most, "And Gator is still alive?"

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